Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mighty Marron

In the fresh cool water
of the swimming hole
lived a mighty marron
‘bout ten years old

He’d seen it all
this wily thing
round netted traps
bacon dangled on string

“Come on little yabby”
he’d hear them call
“Come taste this bait-
it’s nice and raw!”

But this smart crayfish
knew better than that
he’d sniff a trick
in two seconds flat

He’d lay down low
on flat dark rocks
waiting sleepily
tick-tock, tick-tock

He’d heard the tales
of cooking pots
of melted butter
and eschalots

Of bisque, étouffée
a sauce from roux
of crawfish boils
all this he knew

So careful he’d be
when things came close
to tempt him out
for lobster roast

‘til one cloudy day
at that swimming hole
when someone sat down
and dangled their toe

It looked so strange
that rounded thing
so pink and plump
no sign of a string

So up he crept
that tricksy marron
with one great claw
he pinched right down on

Yeow! it cried
“Something’s bitten my toe!
“There’s a creature in there!
Quick catch it!” So…

That crafty marron
he let go fast
of that plump round toe
that clever cast

Another trap!
this one was new
but there was just no way
he’d be yabby stew!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bush Beats

Early in the morning
as the sun wakes the sky
begins a dusty rhythm 
in the hot and dry

Tap, tap, tap
paws twitching on the dirt
Flick, flick, flick
pointed ears become alert

Scratch, scratch, scratch
claws stretched in fine brown fur
Eyes searching through the shadows
where other creatures stir

Thump, thump, thump
tails rapping out a beat
as roos are wide awake now
jumping up on two big feet

The sounds and smells of someone
feet patting one by one
moving slowly closer
end the rhythmic song

Both stop
and breathe in quiet
searching through the dawn
for other early creatures
whose songs play in the morn

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Summer Wonderland

Sleigh bells ring
Are you listening?
On the beach
Sand is glistening
Beautiful rays
We’re happy today
Basking in a summer wonderland

Towels laid out, sun cream gleaming
Togs are bright, smiles are beaming
We squeal in the sun
Splashing up fun
Basking in a summer wonderland

In the morning we can build a castle
And pretend a dragon lives inside
He’ll say “Roar!”, fire blasting from his nostrils
We’ll scream “Aagh!” and run like we can fly

Later on
While the ham bakes
We’ll share slices of mum’s fruit cake
Eat a mince pie
A satisfied sigh
Basking in a summer wonderland

In the morning we can build a castle
And pretend we’re princesses so fine
We’ll have lots of fun with our big castle
Placing all our shells in one long line

When the sun
Finally goes down
We can see
Lights around town
We’ll frolic and play – the great Aussie way
Basking in a summer wonderland

A beautiful sight – we’re happy tonight
Basking in a summer wonderland


Saturday's treasure
Crab claws and floating measure
Was time together

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hungry Caterpillar

I know he's in there somewhere
sleeping in the shade
hiding from the summer heat
on long, hot sunny days

And as the sun dips slowly
rays bending out of sight
he stretches out his body
ready for a night

Of munching beauteous basil
crunching tasty thyme
chewing perky parsley
and chomping on my chives

A four-course herby dinner
a feast of salad greens
fills up his caterpillar tummy
fueling daytime dreams

Friday, October 10, 2014

Do You Want To Build A Castle?

Do you wanna build a castle?
Come on, let’s go and play!
I haven’t seen you here before
So will you stay?
Let’s be best friends today

I’m really glad to meet you
And now we can
Build towers that reach the sky!

Do you wanna build a castle?
A super-duper-special castle?

Do you wanna build a castle?
And dig a moat around the sides?
I think some sand piled here will make it clear
That something beautiful will very soon reside!

The beach is sometimes lonely
With no friends to play
Just watching the grains drift by…
Do you wanna build a castle?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Out walking

Our family walks are always interesting...

We raced along
sticks stuffed in back
of trailing grubby shirts
dust flying up
as feet kicked rocks
along the path of dirt
Hurry!” we cried
much faster now
air sucked in quick and deep
lungs bursting over distance
the trail becoming steep

The shadow we were chasing
was flitting in and out
of gnarled and broken tree trunks
then “Quickly!” with a shout
we pounced and drew our swords
blades waving in the air
Come out from where you’re hiding!
Come out from under there!”

And out he crept from darkness
held beneath a rock
great size and sudden hairiness
enough to give a shock
swords pointed bravely forward
ready for a fight
then “BOO!” came from that shadow
Dad laughing at our fright.

Note: this poem was the featured "Poem of the Day" 
on the Australian Children's Poetry website here